“If you wait until there is another case study in your industry, you will be too late…”

Seth Godin


Business case studies are quintessential fact-based storytelling.  They can be descriptive or illustrative or exploratory.  

Samples are easier to come by than the case studies are to write.  Business case studies published by the Harvard Business Review are considered to be the gold standard for articulate, engaging and persuasive writing.  For many, that bar is a little too high.

We provide engaging case studies in virtually all sectors, including IT, industrial, medical, cybersecurity, hospitality, marketing, B2B and B2C.  Facts and figures are based on sourced information and we do the research to find the information.  Our pricing is affordable and our turnaround times reasonable (at the end of the page).

The business case studies are written for your defined target market and, if you haven’t identified your target market, we can help with that as well.  

Contact us and we will show you that it is in fact easier to let us do it and with better outcomes.

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What Sort of Business Case Studies Do We Provide?

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Professional Business Case Studies and Use Cases

Business case studies arguably involve the art of storytelling.  Fact-based storytelling.  Engagement is critical to getting your audience to read on to the end.  We can help you do this with professional, sophisticated layouts and content. 

Our business case studies are all case studies with solutions–or resolutions. They show clearly what the situation was, what the issues were, how your participated in the solution, and the solution itself. 


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Business Case Study Sample Download


The next decade will usher in a new paradigm, created in no small part by the COVID pandemic and a shift to remote work as the new normal. Creation of remote work operational guidelines with which both employees and management are comfortable is not a luxury but an imperative for continued success. 

Read the rest of this case study here.


Business Use Cases

Our business use cases are likewise engaging.  We do marketing use cases and complex software development use cases.  Each one shows your client exactly how they will benefit from your product, service or method.  There is a solid explanation of you are going to solve their problem, the benefit(s) of the solution, and why and how it will appeal to stakeholders.  The use case is specific to the client and that is how we create it.  Our use cases can demonstrate effectively how processes work, highlight value for specific industries or roles, and showcase increased efficiencies. 

A Sample Says It All…

This case study was done in the two-page format document format. It was also done as a four-page case study and published online as a case study.  You can download the two-page case study here:  Leveraging STE Case Study


Outdated text was transformed for an engineering association struggling with the reality of a new, diverse audience

Our client, an engineering society with published standards for pressure vessel construction, was an international organization that administered the standards in the United States. The standards are translated for use in countries with affiliate associations.
The primary issues that were identified in collaboration with all stakeholders:
  • Translation costs were slowing the progress of knowledge globalization
  • Archaic phrasing and convoluted presentation limited the audience and made translations more difficult and costly
  • Nonmembers governed by the code initiated formal complaints when ambiguous wording resulted in rulings against them
  • Ambiguous wording led to inconsistent enforcement and interpretation.

“This was very difficult at first. Many of our members were glad that the text was hard to understand–fewer questions or complaints. Clear, unambiguous text was an alien concept. They wanted shall instead of must because it seemed more authoritative. But they were involved at every step of the conversion and the text was so dramatically easier to read that most members were glad it was done. International member were a lot happier with the translations.”Secretary, Pressure Vessel Committee




Why Work With Us?

We are creative, believers in critical thought.  Our layouts are sophisticated and appropriate, effective.  Our work is informative and engaging.  Let our technical writing services save you time, money, revisions and failed presentations.





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