ABOUT US.   Southwest Business Services, LLC has provided remote technical writing services for more than 30 years. We have long been committed to providing highly-professional, due-diligent technical writing services–at an affordable price. Clients include corporations, startups, unicorns, small businesses, nongovernmental and government and  agencies, to name a few. 

Our writing services—technical, business, simplified technical English—are results-oriented; our content is engaging.  We create appealing content—even if it is a description of a flywheel assembly. Not all content can be made scintillating but usually the presentation of it can be interesting.

We try to ensure that the reader will actually read the documentation—that the way the content is presented will motivate them to continue reading.



In the information age, originality can be hard to come by:  No matter what you come up with, there is a good chance that someone has already thought of it–or will in the next 10 seconds. Our perspective, our analysis, is original–and insightful.

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Why Work With Us?

We are creative, believers in critical thought.  Our layouts are sophisticated and appropriate, effective.  Our work is informative and engaging.  Let our technical writing services save you time, money, revisions and failed presentations.





Simplified Technical English

STE Writing Rules for Simplified Technical English–intended to make your text unambiguous, clear and easier to translate.  This is one of the areas in which we have a lot of experience, in which we are technical writing experts.  Whether you have a product manual or a standard operating procedure or an abstract, we can help you to translate documents into Simplified Technical English.  

Technical Writing Services

Our technical writing services are notable for the fact that they include everything from technical manual writing to technical report writing to technical copywriting to standardized work employee handbooks to industrial documentation.  Our support staff includes mechanical and practical engineers, STE conversion experts and graphic artists.

Business Case Studies 

Our business case studies and business use cases are audience-focused narratives that present your information in engaging form.  Use cases are solid representations of your product or service or process change with thoughtful analysis to make the case impactful.  Case studies are optimized for a B2B audience and for search engine optimization.


We look forward to hearing from you.