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Our technical writing services save you time, money, revisions, and failed presentations

Our results-oriented technical writing services are professional, created with your audience as the primary consideration.  We use sophisticated layouts, state-of-the-art technical authoring software and appealing graphics.

What we create makes sense and it is reasonable.  While this seems to be an obvious standard, it is one that is often ignored. 


Most importantly, we believe that critical thinking, creativity and thinking outside the box are imperative…   We believe in logitivity.

We make content engaging—even if it is a description of a flywheel assembly. Not all content can be made scintillating but usually the presentation of it can be interesting. We try to ensure that the reader will actually read the documentation—that the way the content is presented will encourage them to continue reading.

Southwest Business Services has provided remote technical writing services for more than 30 years. We have long been committed to providing highly professional, due-diligent technical writing services–at an affordable price.   These services now include information security technical writing.


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Blocks provide you with everything you need to build a larger page. They contain a variety of content elements, such as images, buttons, headings, and more. These elements are arranged in rows and columns, which provide a useful structure, as well as a sense of balance within the overall composition.

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Featured Services:  Business Impact Analysis and Business Continuity planning

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Business Impact 

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One of the most important features of the business continuity planning process is not just that it prepares you for adversity but that it can help you operate more efficiently and productively right now.  That in itself is a form of insurance that could enable your business to better survive adversity.  Our approach is a holistic one, from the initial business impact analysis to the business continuity plan.  We believe that the current health of your business is key to your plan.  Nothing can inoculate you against disaster but a business with a comprehensive continuity plan might be better able to get through it.

Business Disaster Without Recovery or Business Continuity Without Disaster?

NIST Contingency Planning

These seven progressive steps develop the contingency planning policy statement:

  • Conduct the business impact analysis (BIA)
  • Identify preventive controls
  • Develop recovery strategies
  • Develop an IT contingency plan
  • Plan testing/training/exercises
  • Plan maintenance

These are designed to be integrated into each stage of the system development life cycle.


Business continuity 

business impact analysis to business Continuity plan 


As the pain of a long and costly pandemic fades, so does the urgency for business continuity planning.   But business continuity planning is no longer a luxury.  And the planning process is so much easier than struggling through a recovery process that costs your business on many levels.  

Dwelling on disaster is fruitless.  That time might be better spent preparing your business to weather many types of interruptions, creating a framework for resiliency.  Our business continuity planning process is a unique one that stresses the overall health of your business–now, not just post-disaster.

Business Continuity Services

  • BIA Project Plan: The scope, objectives, stakeholders, timeline, and budget for conducting the BIA
  • Data Collection: A roadmap for obtaining information on areas such as business processes, potential impacts of disruptions, potential areas for improvement.
  • Scenario Analysis: We believe that this is an essential part of the business impact analysis.  Not only does it enable you to see how various disruptions will impact your business, it enables you to see how changes in your operation might better enable you to survive these situations.  One of the disruptions that did not need to be addressed in the past was cybersecurity.  Now, however, it is important to know how well your business is prepared for any sort of cyberattack.
  • BIA Report: The BIA report will not only detail the findings of the Business Impact Analysis as far as disruptions but will contain recommendations for changes to current operations—e.g., the development of policies and procedures or a cyber incident response plan—that might also be critical to an effective Business Continuity Plan.
  • BIA Summary Report: This report provides a condensed version of the BIA findings and is used to communicate the results to stakeholders and decision-makers
  • Business Continuity Plan (BCP): The BCP is developed based on the findings of the BIA and includes strategies, solutions, and plans to ensure operational resilience and continuity during and after a business disruption.

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Written Information Security Plan (wisp)

Our WISPs are thorough and company-specific:  They include many more elements than basic ones:


  • state-specific WISPs
  • Descriptive technical information about IT systems, including mapping where appropriate. This level of detail is required for a risk assessment
  • Mapping of the data flows of client personal information and who is responsible for it
  • state-specific required information such as information disposal policy
  • Professional, well formatted document that is easily understood so that it can be shared with clients or others, not just internally
  • program, policies, procedures, risk assessment, and scenario analyses (as appropriate).  

We create custom State- and NIST-compliant WISP Written Information Security Programs for business of all sizes. 


WISP pricing starts at $1,500



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  • E-book Authoring
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  • White Papers
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